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Starford and the Moon Jellyfish by AlexRaccoonGlider

Well, I'd say that this is rather fascinating. Its nothing too special, but the simplicity of it all has a homely feel to it. The dolph...



Gonna be writing first, then drawing a picture.
I've lost faith in the presidential elections, as of now.
Vegeta: Well, you're just the emperor of disappointment, aren't you?
Similiojo: Shut up, Prince of Nothing!
Vegeta: Well at least I didn't lose to a chipmunk. So you would probably lose to the bee brat, too.
Similiojo: I loathe you.
Vegeta: I know.
I have something great to share, and its relatable. Do any of you remember MoBrosStudios? He previously did YTPs and did his own Spongebob countdowns. He once said he was quitting Youtube, but instead, he created an entirely new channel with some interesting concepts. He even looked back at his first old Spongebob countdown and gave an philosophical new review. This new channel is called 'anim8ball'. I respect this guy because he looked back at his old content and made something really insightful out of it. Check out his channel. I really recommend it.…
Today has been a surprising, but blissful day for me. I have seemed to reconcile with those whom I have wronged in the past and its nice to move along in the future. However, it still is a reminder to be respectful about such. Instead of asking people to showcase your ideas, write/create them yourselves. I have crafted not only my own stories, but even my own alternate history. And I can only go so much more. People make tons of mistakes, but anybody has the chance to make up for those mistakes. My days of being a mere follower are long dead. My time as a unique writer has only started to flourish. And I am thankful to all those who inspired me. 

:iconsanjouin-dacapo: I'd like to thank you for molding me into being more sensible. You were right. Things takes time to heal. And I respect that you like to say your mind. And rest assured, my ideas will stay exclusively to me. I will be much more preoccupied with my own work than to ever be obsessive. I learned a lot of important lessons for me to stay for the rest of my life.

:icontoni-the-mink: I appreciate that you forgive me for my past actions. I'll admit that I was rather foolish and inconsiderate back then. And you, more than anybody else, inspired me to create my own work. I felt that the time was necessary for wounds to heal, but I'm not all too certain that they have completely. That's why I haven't immediately made a comment to you or faved your latest picture of Queen Bea. I don't want to make the impression that I am just a fanboy or that I am an attention hog. I want to be as respectful as possible. And I'll only 'watch' and make only a few comments on deviations when you feel that I am ready for such. My ideas stay with me unless you ask for them. I will make no demands whatsoever. You make your own work and I'll make my own. I will always respect everyone's opinions, including yours. I am a changed person, and will stay independent. Thank you for your inspiration, and, whatever is decided, you can expect me to stay off your page comments section for a very long time.

Thank you all for your time. And I hope that a bright future is in store for this site. Have a great night, everyone.

By the way, I know I already said this, but this is one of my favorite soundtracks in any animated media. And it is rather fitting to play it while reading this. Only a suggestion though.

One of my favorite pieces of soundtrack in any piece of animation. This always gets me deep in thought and ready to pour energy into whatever I see fit. Whenever anyone feels depressed or needs a morale boost, listen to this beat. That's all I have to say.
"All rise!", the bailiff of the Nazi's "People's Court" announced to the courtroom. This was the tribunal established by Adolf Hitler to cement the Reich's beliefs deep in Germany's judicial system. Unfortunately, the defendants usually had no chance of getting anything but guilty, especially under the jurisdiction of "Judge-President" Roland Freisler, who narrowly survived a Allied bombing attack on the courtroom 2 months prior. For months, several German officials have been sentenced to death for their involvement in the infamous assassination attempt against Hitler in July 20th, 1944. Erwin Rommel and Wilhelm Canaris barely escaped this fate through the intervention of SS-Oberstgruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich, for reasons that would not be revealed until after the war. Speaking of the "Blonde Beast", he was in attendance of this trial along with several high-ranking SS officers, such as Karl Wolff and Heinrich Himmler himself. But unlike most trials relating to Stauffenberg's coup attempt, this one was internationally broadcasted for the world to see. Even Allied journalists were permitted to personally view the trial. This decision caught even most Nazis off-guard, but there was a legitimate reason for it. Throughout the later stages of the war, knowledge of the Holocaust was beginning to leak across several parts of the world, and the German's massive butchering of Russians was no longer a secret. Himmler was afraid that this would be pressed against them when they lost the war. When it was discovered that SS-Gruppenfuhrer Arthur Nebe was in the anti-Hitler movement, it presented the Reichsfuhrer-SS an extraordinary opportunity. Nebe had a crucial role in the massacres on the Russian Front, as he was head of the Einsatzgruppe B. So he was not only charged with treason, but for genocide as well. Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels and Hitler all agreed on these charges because it would potentially take the eternal burden of the extermination off their shoulders. The trial lasted for several days and the world was shocked at the crimes that Nebe was accused of. On April 25th, 1945, the final day for proceedings was in place. The masses ultimately stood up as Roland Freisler and his fellow judges walked inside the courtroom. An ominous feeling was in the air.

"Heil Hitler!", Freisler declared across the courtroom with the infamous salute.

"HEIL HITLER!", every other National Socialist replied. With the notable exception of the Allied journalists and Nebe himself, everyone gave the salute. This late in the war, the Nazis continued to perplex the international media. As Freisler began to sit down, so did the rest of the courtroom.

"Today is the final day of proceedings against former chief of the Kriminalpolizei, Arthur Nebe", Freisler read from the court document, "Charged for unspeakable treason and unprecedented genocide in our war in the East. Nebe, Arthur". At that moment, Nebe was escorted by the court's guards to where he stood in front of his desk, while the two guards sat beside him. Also notable was that Nebe had no tie or belt provided to him, meaning he had to hold his pants up while standing. While the Allied journalists did think that it was a little too demeaning, they could not deny that Nebe deserved it for "leading" such a genocide.

"You are fully aware of the evidence brought against you", Freisler began with a rant, "You personally participated in the extermination of millions of people, and even had the audacity to turn your back on the Fuhrer and accuse him of perpetrating this mass murder! Do you confess to having been involved both crimes?"

"Yes, I did help kill millions of Jews and Russians, and I was involved against Hitler", Nebe stated in a cold tone, "But extermination was always the goal of the Reich. Hitler was always advocating for the annihilation of the Jews, ever since Mein Kampf was released. Starting with the Nurnberg laws, he-".

"You dare pin this on him?!", Freisler shrieked, "You disrespectful hound! The Fuhrer did what was necessary for the Reich! Our honorary Nurnberg laws are just as legitimate as America's Jim Crow laws!"

"Has America ever deported its African citizens?", Nebe shouted, "Has the FBI ever personally conduct murder against several Negroes? Hitler's deliberate oblivious attitude has given absolute control to Himmler and especially Heydrich. As a result, we killed more people in this era than Stalin has ever purged in his life".

"How, after all this time, do you STILL throw guilt on your superiors when you and you alone are guilty of leading this genocide?!", Freisler screamed.

"If I never acted against Hitler, I wouldn't even be here", Nebe cynically replied.

"SILENCE AT ONCE!", Freisler hollered, "You have done nothing but detriment the Reich! YOU WORTHLESS MAN! You don't even deserve to be compared to JEWS, much less be a considered a respectable GERMAN! Defendant may return to his seat!". Freisler had honestly worked himself out. He had never expressed that much anger in quite a while. Nebe was automatically returned to his seat, feeling quite smug.

"Any questions from the defense", Freisler calmly asked.

"No, President", Nebe's defense replied. They were deliberately set to be unreliable for defendants, especially in the case of Nebe.

"Does the Reichsfuhrer have anything to say?", Freisler respectfully asked. Even to the infamous judge, Himmler was not a man to be crossed with unless they had a death wish.

"Yes, thank you Judge-President", the icy SS-chief started, "It is utmost true that the Reich has done what it can to deny Jews of their rights in Germany. This is mainly justified revenge for the utter dominance the Jewish people had over international affairs until the Fuhrer came to power. There is a clear reason why America prospered after the Great War and almost every country in Europe has suffered. Like the Jews themselves, the United States has no definite identity, merely a combination of several European cultures. So America does not feel the effect of the Jews because it had no singular unity to begin with. Germany is the exact opposite, as the fatherland was always rich with German culture. So it's not difficult to see how the Jewish problem has affected us the most. The Americans always complained about our anti-Semitism, while across the sea, countless of African Americans are lynched just for wanting civil rights. And its even worse when the fact is that the Reich is more justified in stripping rights from the Jews than the Americans are when denying rights to the Negroes. And such similar reasons are why we conducted this war, to regain our righteous pride after what happened at Versailles. And our performance during the war reflects that we deserve that pride. But something must be confided. While it is true that we view the Jewish people as inferior to us, they are still humanoid, per say. Everyone is aware of how the Reich protects and adores animals. And the Jews are somewhat comparable in that regard, as well as the Bolsheviks. To massively exterminate them would be like giving mass euthanasia to millions of animals, which no German would be willing to tolerate. Is it a little demeaning to compare Jews to animals? Maybe, but not only do Americans view Negroes in a similar way but its far better than how Nebe regarded their lives. Rest assured, the Schultzstaffel condemns the actions of Arthur Nebe severely. Not just against the Jews and enemy soldiers, but also against the Fuhrer himself. We pray for forgiveness for all of Nebe's victims. We pray to the heavens to atone Germany for this sin!" The courtroom's reactions were varied. Almost every Nazi felt inspired after such a speech. Himmler was generally despised by several German officers, but this moment did seem to boost his popularity in their eyes. The sickly sadist's lies seemed to seduce the German spectators. The Allied journalists had a different reaction. They felt frightened that such a man could feel so cold and determined could exist. Some spectated that had Himmler been born in the American South, he'd make the Ku Klux Klan fear him. And a few even suspected that he was more involved in killing the Jews than he'd let on. And Nebe could only an expression of disgust and utter defeat. He'd knew he would be executed anyway, but how could Himmler of all people denounce him for participating in the Final Solution, when it was the Reichsfuhrer who organized it to begin with? Himmler looked around the courtroom with fire in his eyes. He was going to end it with a bang.

"SIEG!", Himmler chanted while presenting the notorious salute.

"HEIL!", every other Nazi replied with the same salute.




"HEIL!" The room exploded with cheers for the speech, with even Freisler himself smiling and clapping at the moment. The journalists feverishly took notes on this, as well as highlight it on their cameras. Eventually, the noise died down and the court could continue.

"Well, may the defendant give his last statement?", Freisler asked patiently. As Nebe stood in the dock, everyone looked at him as if they knew he was going to die.

"This has been a criminal proceeding from beginning to end. The hypocrisy has been astounding, even by Nazi standards. To the journalists from the Allied powers, I know dear well that I deserve to die for what I did. But I just want you all to look at the very people who accused me and think of who's far more responsible. And I hope you figure it out before its too late. To my old boss, Heinrich Himmler, you may smugly hand me over for Hitler to shoot me personally. But I can guarantee that in less than two years, the appalled people of the world will seize you from your delusions and have you hung like the rat you are. And that goes for everyone else who openly cooperated with him. I'll be burning in hell, but I won't be alone for long". He solemnly sat back down with all eyes on him. The journalists were lost for words, while the Germans looked at him with utter contempt. Freisler already had the sentence prepared so he stood up and soon everyone else followed.

"The People's Court", Freisler began, "finds the defendant Arthur Nebe guilty of treason and genocide against forms of life. Such crimes that could never be tolerated in the Reich. Therefore, the court hereby sentences him to death. He is stripped of his political offices and will die by the way the Reichsfuhrer sees fit. This court is now adjourned!" Himmler and his staff immediately started to depart, with Nebe quickly passed into the hands of SS guards. Journalists swarmed to speak with them but were abruptly turned away.

"The Reichsfuhrer will not be available for any interviews", Heydrich hastily explained to the press, "Herr Freisler can be spoken to at this time for any questions". With that, the SS team instantly rushed through the entrance to their respective cars. Himmler, Heydrich and Wolff all got into the same car, mainly to have a vital discussion while driving to the Fuhrerbunker.

"Heydrich", Himmler stated with anxiety, "Have all the purges been complete?". Throughout the war, Hitler and Himmler gave excessive power to Heydrich, so that security in and out of the Reich could be at its highest all the time. It was for this reason that French partisan activity dwindled significantly when Heydrich became Governor-General of Occupied France. Had he died because of the assassination attempt in 1942, resistance would have been far more detrimental to the Reich.

"Yes indeed", Heydrich confidently exclaimed, "Almost everyone who participated in the concentration camps were dealt with. Camp commandants were shot by their men and the other staff were relieved of duty. All doctors had to be shot. They knew too much. All camp prisoners that we could find were executed and then burned in a mass grave, as per Herr Blobel's instructions. Unfortunately, we had to bomb all the gas chambers priorly, so we used rifles to kill the rest of them. All those who were spared from the purge have either been sent into home, have already been captured by the Allies or will be arriving in the Fuhrerbunker as quick as possible". Rudolf Hoess, Hans Frank and Oskar Dirlewanger have all been captured by Allied forces by the time Nebe was sentenced.

"Reichsfuhrer", Wolff asked with concern, "Are you sure its right to have camp commandants shot because they followed our orders". Despite his involvement in the atrocities, Wolff was generally not as enthusiastic in overseeing the mass murder with his cohorts. But he did feel bad for those who were killed when they were only doing so out of loyalty.

"Trust me Wolff, it's doing them a favor", Himmler solemnly confided, "They would have no doubt be executed themselves after the war. And we would have had to think about their execution while we escaped via the submarines. They did provide grand services for the Reich, and are thus heroes. Heydrich, what is the fate of Canaris?"

"Glad you asked that, Reichsfuhrer", Heydrich smiled, "He's too dangerous to live. But instead of just shooting him, I set up a special operation that will ensure that both the old admiral is dead and the fat Reichsmarschall makes an ass out of himself. I personally phoned the Fuhrer myself and he said he agreed with the escape plan. But I also convinced him to write a particular telegram to Goering. If Goering succeeds in shooting Canaris himself, Hitler will forgive him for his "treason" and accept him back into the Nazi Party. Well, jokes on him, the Fuhrer will be already be in Trieste by the time fat old Hermann actually does the deed!" Himmler and Heydrich shared a sadistic laugh for several moments while Wolff looked at them uncomfortably.


"So, I am inviting you to come with me", Hitler spoke on the phone, "Because you are a true loyal German. I don't care what others say about you. You'd stay true to Nazi beliefs more than most could ever attempt. Could you arrive as possible, my dear Julius?" Despite Julius Streicher's notorious reputation, Hitler still respected his old friend for his diehard loyalty and share of core beliefs on the Jews. Streicher was even known as Jew-baiter #1.

"Absolutely, my Fuhrer!", Streicher replied from the other side of the phone. As soon as Hitler finished the conversation, his mistress, Eva Braun, entered into the room feeling so giddy to see the Fuhrer in such a mood.

"Adolf", Eva beamed, "I've talked with Frau Junge and she said that you were jubilant after the meeting you had the generals today. What happened to make you so ecstatic".

"Well, Eva", Hitler mildly spoke, "I got a message from Himmler when I was with the generals. The Reich still has two of our finest submarines in operation. And they are waiting in Trieste for our arrival. I realize that's futile to stay in Berlin and we'd be better off drowning at sea than being shot by Bolshevik goons. The German people will not accept the foreign occupation for long and will soon rise again!"

"So we're getting to irritate our enemies by escaping in style?"

"Hehehe, to "screw them over" is the more accurate term, Eva. I've already called all the people I want to come with me. Their service to the Reich and their loyalty to me is absolutely heartwarming. So its only respectful that I let them leave with me. I'm also bringing Mussolini with me, not just out of admiration but the man will be lynched by his own people if we don't get him out of Europe. He's being driven to the Berghof as we speak".

"Adolf, is it true that Albert won't be coming with us? We've gotten over issues in the past and he's practically your best friend! Can't you reconcile with him?"

"Speer betrayed me, honey. He did not carry out my 'scorched earth' orders. I call it cowardice. He thinks that he'll be accepted by the Allies and help aid Germany after the war. What a fool! The Western powers will stop at nothing to rape Germany once again and the Bolsheviks will bring the iron curtain over all of Europe! Speer's lost his touch and I bet he'll rat us out if we told him of our escape. Whatever happens to Speer after we leave is none of my concern anymore. Sauckel may be a more pitiful man, but at least he'll stay by my side till the end! We still have plenty of friends left, Eva. And we'll certainly make more company while traveling. Your tears are warranted, but you have to accept the facts".

"Alright, Adolf. You're the Fuhrer. You know what's best".

"Good. I'm glad you see it my way. By the way, since I will not be busy running the Reich, I suppose that we might as well bound ourselves together for life. Eva Braun, will you marry me at the Berghof and stay by my side forever?" As he said this, he pulled out a small black box with the words "Eva Braun" written in gold. He opened the box and inside was a sparkling black ring with the swastika on the center, with the phrase "Adolf Hitler - 1933" imprinted around it. On the side of the ring were the words "For my dearest Eva" engraved on the orders of the German dictator. Eva was overwhelmed with bliss and soon cried in her hands. Hitler was pleased by her reaction, as her love to him was genuinely appreciated by the usually cold Fuhrer.

"Yes, Adolf! I will you marry you! I shall never leave your side!" With that, the couple pulled themselves for a powerful embrace and they gave a long, warm kiss to each other. Hitler loved Eva, but he could never fully show it as he put the Reich as top priority. But now he had nothing to lose. They were continuing the romantic moment until they heard a abrupt knock on the door.

"My Fuhrer, its Herr Bormann", Gunsche shouted through the door. As Hitler's personal adjutant, he was responsible for protecting the Fuhrer from any danger. Though he tended to share this responsibility with Wilhelm Burgdorf and Heinz Linge, Gunsche was the one who regularly did the job.

"Ah, Bormann", Hitler plainly said, "Tell him to wait for a couple of seconds. Eva, please exit my office. I'll socialize more with you later". Eva solemnly nodded and headed for the door where Bormann and Gunshce were standing. The two men let Hitler's mistress pass by them so they could look at the Fuhrer himself.

"You may enter now, Martin", Hitler inclined. The Parteikanzlei chief felt anxious as he closed the door behind him. Bormann was Hitler's private secretary, and thus had the most influence over the deteriorating leader. If people wanted access to the Fuhrer, they had to go to Bormann first. And he had a significant impact on the Holocaust, giving written orders to people like Eichmann, in the name of Hitler. Also, he was primarily responsible for Goering's final downfall because he manipulated the unstable dictator into believing that Goering was trying to forcefully seize power. But now, Bormann felt that his power was now falling at the seams. Hitler was so jubilant at Himmler's idea that it scared Bormann. The conniving secretary had just recently gained the upper hand on the Reichsfuhrer-SS for Hitler's favor. Now Bormann was at risk of losing his power to Himmler. He needed to convince Hitler that escape was not the best route, despite that he himself advocated for leaving in the first place.

"My Fuhrer, there are better ways to make use of our time than escaping by sea", Bormann uneasily commenced, "We could always reimagine the Werwolf idea and set up a resistance in the Alps. We'd still be fighting for the fatherland while in a far safer place".

"I said once and I will say it again", Hitler impatiently interrupted, "Fighting in the Alpine Mountains is a waste of time! All it will do is delay the inevitable! I'd rather drown in one of our magnificent submarines than have us die isolated in uncomfortable mountains! And before you say anything, any other place in the world that is safe for us is easily accessible with the submarines. You are not a position to object, Bormann!" Hitler did not like his subordinates objecting to a plan once he was convinced of following.

"My Fuhrer, Himmler is not trustworthy", Bormann bitterly interjected, "He is just like Goering! He's doing this only for his own gain. He'd never stay loyal and will stab you in the back when you don't ex-".

"NONSENSE!", Hitler shouted as he stood up, "Don't you dare feed me this nonsense! Himmler is nothing like that incompetent bastard Goering! He's my loyal Heinrich! He did not botch up the war effort as much as Goering did. He doesn't indulge himself in morphine as much as Goering does. He doesn't live like a Roman emperor like Goering! AND HE CERTAINLY DOES NOT ACT LIKE A LAUGHABLE CLOWN THAT EMBARRASSES THE WHOLE REICH AS MUCH THAT UNGRATEFUL PIG THAT I ONCE KNOWN AS HERMANN GOERING! What the hell do you know about Himmler that I don't know? What accomplishments have you done on his level of genius? All you ever done is to tell me what you think I want to hear! Well, I'll tell you what I want to hear now! I want to know that my 'precious' Martin is having a brilliant time doing exactly what he likes! If you want to go to the Alps, you can go! If you wish for inevitable death by the Allies, you can go! If you wish to abandon your comrades, you may go! AND IF YOU WISH TO DESERT ADOLF HITLER PERSONALLY, THEN BY ALL MEANS, LIVE IN THE RESISTANCE IN THE VAIN HOPE THAT YOU WILL ACTUALLY SURVIVE! Is that what you want, Martin?!" By the time Hitler stopped, practically everyone in the Fuhrerbunker had heard his rant. And they certainly did not expect Martin Bormann to be on the receiving end of the verbal abuse. But Bormann himself was the most mortified. He never expected the Fuhrer to get this emotional about the subject. And the secretary had a feeling that he would regret ever talking to Hitler about it at all. Hitler was suddenly lost in a trance and began to talk to himself.

"Is this Morell all over again?", Hitler quietly contemplated, "What has Bormann actually done for me? He controlled certain affairs while I handled the war, but what more affairs are needed to be taken? Is he actually useful? Do I need him? Or I should drop some dead weight?" Bormann was absolutely petrified at what the Fuhrer was saying. Is Hitler actually going to dispose of him? After all that the secretary did in his career in the Reich. He felt his heart drop as he saw Hitler smile.

"I don't need you anymore", Hitler smiled darkly, "Martin Bormann, you are effectively dismissed of all your offices and honors. You have been wonderful for your runtime, but it ends here. Now get the hell out of my bunker!" Bormann was appalled by this declaration. He was finished. He no longer had a purpose. But he tried to reason with his old boss.

"M-my Fuhrer, surely we can talk about this-", Bormann chattered, until he saw his 'Fuhrer' pull out his Walther pistol. Hitler's hand was still shaking due to Parkinson's and drugs, but it still held the gun as tight as possible.

"You WILL leave, Martin", Hitler spat, "Or you can die on this floor!"

"If I may, my Fuhrer". Hitler and Bormann turned to see General Heinz Guderian at the doorway.

"Must I say that your decision to dispose of this degenerate is praiseworthy", Guderian spoke with satisfaction, "But may I suggest that you leave him here with the army when you leave for Trieste?" Hitler was pleased by Bormann's look of utter shock.

"Do with him as you please", Hitler decided. The instant he said that, the former Parteikanzlei chief was apprehended by SS men towards a room where he could held in protective custody. Bormann didn't make a single sound. He knew he was done for.

"Well my Fuhrer", Guderian added, "Are you ready to have that important conversation with the generals?" Hitler and Guderian had a history of arguing with each other over war choices. But in the end, the Fuhrer did respect the general for his grand service in the war.

"Yes, I will go now", Hitler mellowly replied.
Justiz in Nurnberg (Alternate History), part 2
Second part to my first alternate history.

Like last time, I will be taking a break from this alternate history because it took a WHILE to get this part finished. And I need a break in general, but I will stay as consistent as possible.

Peace out!
While certain chaos was happening elsewhere in Honey Hive Colony, the main palace itself was rather blissful. Most of the main hornets have been already arrested and kept under high security in the dungeons. Despite popular opinion (and her own torture from a few of them), Queen Bea did not find it in her heart to execute any of them, nor put them on trial. Instead, the hornets were given indefinite prison sentences, and each one's time in custody would be based upon their individual crimes. She understood that hornets and bees were never exactly affectionate in terms of relations, but what Vespa's troops did to her hive was beyond anything that she could have possibly imagined. As a matter of fact, the yellow hornets in general acted in a manner that ultimately disturbing for her. But now was not the time to concern with those thoughts. She had to take care of her kingdom while stabilizing herself at the same time, since she had been through so much trauma. Today, Bea and Mellifer had no particular duties, so they had time to socialize in the palace's living room. Charmy didn't have much to do, so he was allowed to be present as well. The elder bee began to read the daily report.

"Well, overall hostility in our capital has reached an all-time low", Mellifer humbly began, "Foreign relations are at ease at the time being. We should be restore this colony's prosperity to its fullest glory within a short time. Onto the black market, the monetary rates seem to be...". He stopped slowly as he looked peculiarly at Charmy. The boy's head was tilted sideways as if he was completely lost. Mellifer, perplexed by this expression, tilted his head in response. Bea didn't know what to say, mainly being curious what her son was doing. Charmy's head kept tilting, so Mellifer did the same with increased impatience. Suddenly, Charmy collapsed on the floor with his eyes shut and completely still. The old bee was beyond flabbergasted at the display and was actually conflicted if the boy was dead or alive. He turned to get Bea's support, but she was too stunned to respond. Mellifer looked down at Charmy and hesitantly decided to poke him on the nose.

'It ought to provoke some response', Mellifer thought cautiously. He kept poking the boy's nose until...

"BOO!", Charmy jump-scared randomly with an enormous grin. Mellifer jumped back so far that he almost crashed into the wall. Bea, despite her best effort, could not resist giggling in a respective tone. The exchange was so innocent, yet in such a bizarre manner that her dignified mannerisms caved in temporarily to be in awe at the harmless spectacle. Mellifer, however, did not find it remotely funny.

"A-are you insane, Prince Charming?!", Mellifer spluttered irritably, "Ignoring the fact that such conduct by a royal is intolerable on several regal grounds, you can't just spook me like that. Not only is it abnormal (even for your age), but it could given me a hear...are you even listening to me?!" Charmy's eyes seemed to be drowsy just from him hearing Mellifer drone on. He meant no disrespect at all, but he had trouble keeping himself interested in what seemed to be his near-"polar opposite". But the senile bee's yelling at the end made him fully wake up.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mellifer", Charmy sorrowfully pouted, "I just find these topics to be so dull. My buzzy brain can take anymore of this!" The prince had to go through plenty of lectures from Vector and Espio, but never had he met someone THIS traditional. Before Mellifer could feverishly retort, the monarch interjected.

"Mellifer, don't yell at Charmy", Bea softly reprimanded, "He's just a child. He can't grasp such topics at his age. If he ever gets tired afterwards, then he'll rest by my side. Right, sweetie?" With an affirmative nod, Charmy laid his head on his mother's lap. Mellifer eventually recollected himself for a few seconds and then was ready for other reports.

"For the sake of our time, it's best to move on to another subject", Mellifer spoke with a calm, but stern tone, "Since it has only been two weeks since our kingdom was liberated, our forces are still recovering from the traumatic invasion. And this makes any sort of rash decision, political and/or military, suicidal for our independence".

"I perfectly understand that our forces are still rather fragile and there is still room to slip up", Bea explained, "I will not make any rash decisions regarding our safety. Nor do I want revenge on the hornets whom invaded my kingdom. There will be an investigation on how they managed to succeed in the initial invasion, but no action is to be taken until the full truth is revealed. But let us not forget that we still do have a binding pact with the Socialist Union of Giant Hornets. Their military aid would be more than enough to make up for our current weakness".

"Are you sure Mandarin will even be able to assist us?!", Mellifer exclaimed, "His country is suffering from famine and plague. If they were in a condition to give aid, they would have easily prevented Vespa from invading. After 6 whole years, they still did not intervene because they were still in turmoil. And they have not contacted us now to find out what happened, so it could still be happening as we speak. Beatrice, it pains me to say this, but we must keep neutral if we want to survive. Nor can we aid anyone outside this kingdom for their independence. Our priority must be ourselves right now, my queen". While listening to what Mellifer was saying, Charmy noticed that his mother was a lot more frustrated than usual. In Bea's view, not even bothering to help others when in similar conditions to how they used to be was outright selfish, while Mellifer was indicating that this would preserve their image in the face of more formidable empires and they be guaranteed to remain independent. The tension was honestly starting to scare the boy.

"We will discuss this later, Mellifer", Bea ordered in a sharp tone, "To get a child involved in such a discussion would be wrong of me".

"Oh, that reminds me, your Majesty", Mellifer presented in a patronizing manner, "I have some gifts for the prince. Here are some educational supplies. Since he will be with the Chaotix most of the time, I'll entrust them to make sure this happens. I want Charmy to be educated as much as possible, so he should doing consistent work to become ready to be a prince".

"Prime Minister Mellifer", Bea spoke lividly, "This is not the time for-".

"Forgive me, Queen Beatrice", Mellifer defiantly proclaimed, "But I will not let YOUR son turn into a mirror of YOUR incompetent father!". Everything instantly fell silent. A nerve was touched with the young queen and now hell would be broken loose. But not without "motherly" precautions beforehand. Charmy was frozen in fear due to what could possibly happen next.

"Charmy, get out", Bea coldly stated, "I want you leave the room and do not come back in until we come out. And don't stand near the door, for your own sake. Now go, Prince Charming!" Charmy, overcome with grief, left the room in hurry and shut the door behind him. He had never seen his momma so angry in his life. Hoping that the drama wasn't genuine, the boy listened in through the closed door to check on what was happening. Big mistake.

"YOU STUCK-UP, UNCARING CURMUD-", he heard Bea shriek through the door. The little bee buzzed out before he heard the rest of the argument. Tears slid on his cheeks as he made his way to the palace's backyard. He flew to the nearest steps and looked the sky with despair. Would his family be torn apart after they just reunited? Some royal guards noticed his pain and offered some assistance.

"No, thank you", Charmy sobbed with the hardest restraints, "Just let me be. I need time alone". As he sobbed some more, the royal guards solemnly left him at the steps. The innocent bee wished that he can offer any assistance to help someone in need to give himself more self-reassurance. Unbeknownst to him, his wish would be granted sooner than he predicted. But that's for the next time.
Tropicop Exposed, Return of Dorsato: Part 3
First official short story to move the continuity forward. I based this off of what I most thought would work. I'm sorry that this was long delayed. I just had a really bad case of writer's block. And I needed to relax. But the stories will continue to remain as captivating as ever.

Charmy Bee (c) SEGA

Bea, Vespa, and Poyse (c) :icontoni-the-mink:

Everyone else (c) ArtisticCritic19

Peace out!
Nappa: Vegeta, what does DeviantArt say about this user's pageviews?

Vegeta: IT'S .... 1,200. Pretty pitiful, because this user is officially on par with Raditz. And that's not the best achievement.

Raditz: I hate you all.
One thing I forgot to mention, I've discovered new concepts of characters while I was on vacation. Owls. And, not to spoil too much, but they'll play a significant role later on.
Death is truly a tragedy that never escapes any form of life, whether fictional or real. MCMXC2 has been a blessing user. And he will be remembered by all who interacted with him. Sorrow is unfortunate, but never inevitable.
Officially reached more than 1,000 pageviews. That's a new record for my account!
Similiojo by ArtisticCritic19
Good lord, this was an experience. At the urging of :iconsanjouin-dacapo:, I've actually drawn my first art piece. The topic chosen was a fan-character, and it was difficult to choose which one. I ended being down to Tropicop, Affim and Similiojo. I figured Similiojo would be the easiest to draw, so I chose him. I tried to draw him using dA muro, but it was a nightmare for me to do. It was far easier to do it traditionally.

In case some of you don't know, I created Similiojo (along with several others) to correlate with the continuity of "Honey Hive Heist", but now I'll use him for my own content. He is technically the main villain of the story, being majorly responsible for Vespa's invasion succeeding. His name is a play on the words of the Japanese Yellow Hornet and is based off of mainly Hideki Tojo (though there are also hints of Heinrich Himmler).

As a child, Similiojo was highly intelligent, but had a sickly physique. He received high marks in college, shortly before he applied to be King Crabro's secretary. Over the years, he rose higher in the ranks before becoming Prime Minister (or Vizier). But he only become head of the army over the Yellow Hornet Empire's victory over Honey Hive Colony in the war that preceded Vespa's occupation. Since Crabro's health and mental state has declined significantly, Similiojo has assumed most legitimate responsibilities in running the kingdom. While Prince Affim is gaining significant popularity amongst the populace, Similiojo still has real power because of his experience and Crabro's trust in him. He organized a deal with Vespa (after Crabro banished her) and Honey Hive was captured by Vespa's troops. Similiojo ordered the deaths of every high-ranking bee in the colony, including King Vinegar, Queen Beatrice, and Prime Minister Mellifer. But this didn't work out, as Vespa and Luctua each kept Bea and Mellifer alive during the occupation. The "proof" that Vespa has for Bea's "death" is the bee's wings and stinger, which are given to the vizier. The wings are on his wall in his private study, and the stinger is his favorite fountain pen. Afterwards, many other areas have been reduced to similar oppression by the orders of Similiojo.

Even amongst the jingoist yellow hornets, Similiojo is a radical nationalist. He is rather racist towards several races, but he views the bees with the most contempt. As the yellow hornets were originally in a feudal state ruled by barbarian lords, Similiojo blamed bees, particularly Honey Hive, for economic "suppression". And he thus aimed to evaluate the Yellow Hornets to dominate on Mobius, and reduce the bees to slavery. He has a genuine respect for Crabro, and would only take power in the wake of the king's death. In terms of particular bees, he wasn't too bothered by Dorsato's rule. The immature bee king had weakened Honey Hive's standing as a major power, so Similiojo was somewhat content with his reign. He was bothered by Mellifer's intelligence and skill, but the senile bee was susceptible to foreign pressure, so Similiojo didn't view him that much of a threat. But he loathed Bea, since she is far more competent than her father and is less politically-pusillanimous than Mellifer is. As for his view on other insects, he had a genuine fear and contempt towards the communist Giant Hornets (particularly Mandarin) and merely disregarded the wasps (paper wasps and yellow jackets). 

While he is not a sadist, Similiojo is almost completely amoral. He's perfectly willing to let countless of insects die to see his ambitions put to action. Even genocide is not a significant issue for him. But he can't withstand witnessing death. When Vinegar was butchered in front of him, he almost went ill when it was finally over. As a result, he prefers instant death than brutal execution. He's also not physically fit, being weaker than the average soldier. So he prefers to have Bicolitz and his henchmen do the killing and he sticks with his political role.

As the art itself, he has his signature glasses on his face. His mustache is rather thin, but averagely long. And yes, he is bald. He has barely any hair on his forehead. The green uniform he's wearing is what several of high-ranking yellow hornet generals usually wear. The symbol on his uniform (and boots) are the symbol of the Yellow Hornet Kingdom. And only him, Oreitel and Japonic have the honors of wearing the symbol.

Similiojo will most definitely play a significant role later on in my stories. Thank you all for your support. Feel free to comment at any time.

Some (hornet) design elements (c) :icontoni-the-mink:

Hideki Tojo:…

Heinrich Himmler:…

P.S., my signature is J.C.R.
Good news, everyone! After looking through many fellow artists (plus some advice with :iconsanjouin-dacapo:), I've decided to do something special. As you can see, I'm a little burn-outed from making stories for the time being, so why not do something unique? I will do my very first piece of art! Now, this may not be released for a while. I'm not going to release something until I know its high-quality. That being said, I have several options that I can choose for this. I can't honestly choose myself, so I'm giving you all the opportunity to choose. I'll count all the comments (or at least if I get any) and I'll do the most requested piece. If I don't get any comments, I'll guess I'll choose the one that just sticks out to me. So, without further ado, here are the options for my first art piece. 

1. Justiz in Nurnberg Poster:

In case some of you aren't aware, "Justiz in Nurnberg" is my current alternate history. I already have a specific idea of how I'm going to design it. I just think the execution of it would be a little difficult to do. But I'd find a way. I won't spoil anything else about it, because I want to surprise you.

2. A picture of King Dedede and Queen Bea:

This one would be the most fun for me to draw. King Dedede is my favorite Kirby character, without hesitation. He's so much fun to watch in everything he's a part of, especially in the anime. Just saying, Ted Lewis is phenomenal as Dedede in the English dub. As for Bea, she's :icontoni-the-mink: 's fan-character, Charmy Bee's mother. And I love her as well, for how angelic she can be, yet she's so much more deep as a character. So, why have these two? Well, when I made the backstory for "Honey Hive Heist" (back when I was on good terms with Toni), I added that Dedede was one of Bea's suitors. Why did I do that? Because there is so much potential with a set up like this. Dedede is such a laughable buffoon, while Bea is usually so reserved. I can guarantee that this has real potential. This could be a great start.

3. Any one of my fan-characters:

Boy, this would sure be an eye-opener for me. I know what my characters look like, but I've never literally shown what they look like. But hey, if :icontoni-the-mink: can do it, so can I. For this section, comment me on the specific fan-character you'd like me to do. It's tough (especially for a beginner), but its not impossible. And if you don't have any options, look at my fanfics and you'll see good choices. I have a couple of favorites, but I won't spoil them here.

P.S. even though this may be my first time, I'm pretty sure I'll do better than kolinzuver13 does with his art. Trust me, that stuff just makes me shudder.
Today has been a surprising, but blissful day for me. I have seemed to reconcile with those whom I have wronged in the past and its nice to move along in the future. However, it still is a reminder to be respectful about such. Instead of asking people to showcase your ideas, write/create them yourselves. I have crafted not only my own stories, but even my own alternate history. And I can only go so much more. People make tons of mistakes, but anybody has the chance to make up for those mistakes. My days of being a mere follower are long dead. My time as a unique writer has only started to flourish. And I am thankful to all those who inspired me. 

:iconsanjouin-dacapo: I'd like to thank you for molding me into being more sensible. You were right. Things takes time to heal. And I respect that you like to say your mind. And rest assured, my ideas will stay exclusively to me. I will be much more preoccupied with my own work than to ever be obsessive. I learned a lot of important lessons for me to stay for the rest of my life.

:icontoni-the-mink: I appreciate that you forgive me for my past actions. I'll admit that I was rather foolish and inconsiderate back then. And you, more than anybody else, inspired me to create my own work. I felt that the time was necessary for wounds to heal, but I'm not all too certain that they have completely. That's why I haven't immediately made a comment to you or faved your latest picture of Queen Bea. I don't want to make the impression that I am just a fanboy or that I am an attention hog. I want to be as respectful as possible. And I'll only 'watch' and make only a few comments on deviations when you feel that I am ready for such. My ideas stay with me unless you ask for them. I will make no demands whatsoever. You make your own work and I'll make my own. I will always respect everyone's opinions, including yours. I am a changed person, and will stay independent. Thank you for your inspiration, and, whatever is decided, you can expect me to stay off your page comments section for a very long time.

Thank you all for your time. And I hope that a bright future is in store for this site. Have a great night, everyone.

By the way, I know I already said this, but this is one of my favorite soundtracks in any animated media. And it is rather fitting to play it while reading this. Only a suggestion though.


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The Artistic Critic of Literature and Alternate History!

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